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Belle Gallery

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Belle Gallery

Post  Marina on Fri May 27, 2011 1:09 am

Marina's art gallery, ran and owned by her. Lyna and April work there as her assistants and employees.

From first glance on the street, the building was simplistic. A soft cream color decorated the outside with a large display window in view. A handful of paintings gave the passerby a peek at the artist's work. Large curvy Victorian letters across the top told the name of the building in bright white contrast to the cream background. Belle Gallery.

Inside, the gallery was quite modest. White marble floors, white walls. A blank canvas to let the art be the center of attention. Some of the works hung on the walls. Others were scattered about on easels, as if she'd just finished painting them.

The works varied in medium. Different paints, water colors, oil pastels, charcoal, and pencil sketches. Not all were from the central artist. A growing section featured other artists. The majority of which were up and coming, much like Marina Belle herself.

Off to the side was a counter, almost a piece of art itself, beautifully designed. Parallel to the counter across the large room, a small seating area was arranged. Plush chairs with a side table in the corner.

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