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Aislyn Moirai

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Aislyn Moirai

Post  Aislyn on Thu Mar 17, 2011 1:43 pm

Name: Aislyn Moirai
(Literally translate to Aislyn-dream; vision & Moirai- goddesses of fate who personified the inescapable destiny of man.)
Face Used: Camila Belle
Age: 22
Occupation: Works as a secretarty.
Species: Human with abilities.


Height: 5 foot 3 inches
Weight: 125 pounds.
Build: slender and feminine.
Style: She wears formal and fasionable clothes due to her profession.
Hair: Long dark brown
Eyes: Her left eye is blue and her right eye is green
Identifying Features(Tattoos,scar....): mix matching eyes, otherwise nothing else.
Anything Else:


Likes: Taking strolls through the park, cooking, Aislyn also enjoys watching movies about romance.
Dislikes: Crowds and too much attention put on her.
Hobbies: knitting, walking,occasionally cleaning.
Unique Skills: She can sense if a person is lying, also she is psychic.
Talents: Her persuation.
Anything else you would like to include:

Special Skills: The ability to see the future, she's psychic as well although not very strong.
Limits/Restrictions: She can not see her own future or those extremely close to her. (Though she doesn't let people get close to her.)
Weaknesses: She knows too much about people preventing her from getting close to anyone, she's very lonely.
Strengths: Her abilities does give her the upper hand when handling people. When she sleeps her visions are stronger.
Anything else you would like to include:

Aislyn does not know much about herself. She was raised by her grandmother and until she was 9 her father as well. Her grandmother was a very talented witch always incouraging Aislyn to use her skills. Her father was very disapproving of her 'gifts' continuously punishing her for using it.
Eventually her father disappeared and Aislyn was left in her grandmother's care. After three years Aislyn's grandmother passed away from a geart condition. Aislyn was forced into foster care.
Those years all became a blurr. She passed from family to family everytime she heard whispers that she was quite, and strange. It became normal for Aislyn to naturally remain nonattached.
When Aislyn was of legal age, she went and got her own apartment and began working with a Lawyer company as a secretary. Often times she offered advice if she sensed something fishy about a possible emplyee.

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