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The Cullen Estate - A Description

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The Cullen Estate - A Description

Post  Cullen/Hale on Sun Aug 28, 2011 9:44 am

The Cullen's home can be found sitting just off the beach atop a hill, surrounded by wildlife inhabited forest. The home is comprised of 3 levels, not including the basement.

Several of the rooms in the home were designed with the brother's human companions in mind. Though the ladies were unaware of this fact.

The Main House

Main Floor
The Kitchen:
Plenty of room to cook along with seating at the counter and a bar.

The Living Room:

Marina's Art Room:
A gift from Edward. The room is on the first floor. There are windows to filter in natural light for her paintings, that provide a beautiful view of the beach and ocean. On the same wall there is a set of doors with windows. There are two bookcases filled with different art books, along with some novels. There are also shelves lined with art supplies.

A couch to one side gives her somewhere to relax and read or to just sit and watch the ocean. There is amble space in the middle of the room for her to paint. Several finished paintings sit on the floor, leaned against one wall.

Edward's Piano Room:

Second Floor

Jasper's Room:

Marina's Room:
Her bedroom is located on the second floor. The room reflects her artistic nature. Its eclectic, feminine, and splashed with color. Aside from the normal bedroom furniture, there is an armoire with a television among other things and a chair off to one side of her bed.

Guest Rooms:

Third Floor
Edward's Room:
His room is one of the only bedrooms on the third floor of the house. A unique set of stairs leads directly up to his room, and his room only. The stairs are a bookcase designed to function as stairs. The steps are steep and rather a challenge to go up and down for someone who is not used to it.

His bedroom is mostly open space with a private bathroom branching off. Two walls are made up of large windows with no curtains. Usually only trees and the sky are visible from the room, to the human eye.

Emmett's Room:

Emmett's room is one of the only bedrooms on the third floor. He has large sky lights in the ceiling, giving him a clear view of the sky while lying in bed.

The Basement
Entertainment Room:
A large media room with comfortable seating plus every snack machine a person could want.

The Back



Surrounding Forest: In one direction the forest is available for the humans to enjoy and explore. However, in the other direction, one will find the hunting grounds that the brothers use. For their own safety, humans are warned to avoid that area.

The Beach:
A long strip of beach behind the Cullen Estate is privately owned. Though the brothers do not mind people wandering on it. After all, how is one to know where public beach ends and private beach begins.

(This thread is just to describe the Cullen Estate. Actual posting is located [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].)

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